An ImpactMature

Crazy huh?  What I do matters.  I.  Have.  An.  Influence.

Today at our morning prayer group I was scheduled to share devos.  I was supposed to have done it three weeks ago but I was always late.  (Better late than never, though!)  Anyway, I would only be able to spend about five to ten minutes at this group because of another meeting.  (Too many things too little time).  

Anyways, this is the majority of a message our group leader sent to me after I finished sharing:  

Wanted to let you know though that even though you felt your devo was a little short, God used it. A student came up to me afterward who's grandmother just had major surgery and has some pretty significant family problems at home, and he told me that the verse you shared was just what he needed to hear today! Thanks for being willing to share what God is showing you. He used it today to impact a kid who really needed it!

My devo was focused on Psalm 34:18. 

You should go look it up.  Right now.  Seriously.  It'll change your life.  

It did mine. 

The End

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