I love when I work nursery at my church.  The last Sunday in every month I spend the second service down with infants.  They are so cute!

Today, though, there was a new infant:  Olivia.  She's so tiny; a little taller than a foot, perhaps.  And she's a fast little crawler, too!  Because she was new, I picked her up and took her to the door of the toddler nursery.  She was fascinated by all the bigger kids!  When I took her back to the infant room, she spent the entire rest of the time (an hour or so) sitting in front of the dutch door that led to the small hallway that separated the infants and toddlers.  She learned (rather quickly) how to pull herself into a standing position against the door.  She even knocked her head against the door (softly!) a few times because she was so eager to return to the toddler section.

Observing her (while trying to take care of two others) I realized how that could be compared to a walk with God.  Once we see Him, acquire a taste of His love and redemption, we want it.  We should be willing to take down every obstacle (even if it is a dutch door over twice our size!) to be with Him.  

It's amazing what kids can teach us. 

The End

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