So, I went for a run yesterday.

I'm not a very athletic person, so yeah, going for a job of my own volition is a big deal.  

I didn't run very far, just under a mile.  But the main point about this chapter and me running... is that I didn't stop.

I started out at a slow jog and I kept that same pace throughout the entire trek.  Running gave me the time to think about a lot of things.  

I have a strange technique whenever I run.  (Well, I don't know if other runners do this...?).  What I do, is when I feel myself starting to give up, I set small goals for myself.  I can run to that mailbox... okay, I've made it to the mailbox and I didn't give up, that means I can run to that fence or that telephone pole.  

I set those goals every time I run and it really helps.  It makes me realize that I'm stronger than I had previously thought.

Thinking some more, I realized that running for exercise is a direct parallel to my walk with God.  I don't have to speed up or keep pace with others that I see.  If I go at my own pace, God can still do amazing things through me.  When I rely on Him, I can do anything.

I also realized that running is not filled with beauty.  Neither is my walk with God.  When I finished the run, I nearly collapsed from exhaustion, my face was red and sweaty, my muscles were shaking, and my legs felt numb.  But none of that mattered because I had finished.  

I picture my walk with God something similar.  There will be moments when I'm ready to give up, but I have to remember to set smaller goals for myself to help me accomplish the larger goal.  When I finish, I may be exhausted, sweating, red-faced, but I will smile through it all because it was for Him.  

The End

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