All I Hear Are LiesMature

The title pretty much says it all.  I don't like accepting (or acknowledging) compliments or praise simply because I believe they aren't true.

I hardly believe that anyone means what they say.  Part of it relates to trust issues earlier discussed, and part of it because I don't think people care that much; they say what they have to because they believe it's what we want to hear.  

And all I hear are lies.

"You look so pretty", "You inspire me", "I love you".

It's all I can do sometimes not to roll my eyes and totally discard their comments.  But whenever I do that, they insist harder.  Why make them work harder at telling a lie?  So, I've learned to smile and say 'thank you'.  To welcome their praises with open arms.  When behind the scenes, I shed them, like a second skin.

The End

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