With an older sister and a younger sister, you can imagine that there might have been some... difficulties.  From the first time we were seen in public together, we have always been grouped together.  Our mother used to dress us similar and we'd have the same haircut.  

There are few questions I hate more than:  "Are you triplets?" and/or "Are you twins?"

Because my sisters and I are so close in age we're also competitive against each other.  Not really in a bad way though.  Mostly we strive for attention.  Attention to be singled out for one of us instead of the group.

As we've grown up, my sisters and I have struggled for our own individuality; to become more than "the Cekander girls".

But when you've shared everything from bedrooms, to haircuts, to clothes, to friends... you start feeling the need to prove yourself.  To show the world that you are more than part of a group.  

But when your sisters are so close to you... 

Who are you without them?

The End

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