Trying to Save the WorldMature

I can't stand to see others in pain.  Whenever I do, I feel the overwhelming need to help them; to fix whatever has been broken.  

It's difficult to explain.  I guess the closest I can describe it is an super strong empathy and sympathy.  My compassion levels are through the roof.  

A lot of people say that they feel strongly, too; they care and hurt when others hurt.  And I'm not disagreeing with those.  But for me, if I see someone in pain and I don't act on it... I become flooded with waves of guilt.  I've cried myself to sleep countless nights over it because I feel completely and utterly helpless.

I hate the phrase 'ignorance is bliss'.  For me, ignorance is not bliss.  It never has been; because now that I know... there is no turning back.  I cannot unseen what I've seen, I cannot unhear what I've heard, and I cannot undo what I haven't done.

Because I know what goes on outside the comforts of my life, I feel responsible.  Guilty.  To assuage that guilt I try to save the world.

And the hard part of trying to save the world...

is accepting the fact that I can't.

The End

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