i'm experiencing writers block and dont know if this start is any good

“Once upon a time, there was girl named Juliet, she lived
lonely and frighten, deprived of love. Hoping one day she would find a man to
end her misery, and possibly a man that would never leave her. Then one day….” Who am I kidding I’m no Shakespeare..
I’m just an ordinary girl with an ordinary boring life. Until, the day my
parents threw the biggest bombshell to ever effect my life. Moving, to
Wilmington, North Carolina. Most of you are probably thinking I’m crazy to hate
my life right now, when I’m moving to the most beautiful city in all of
America, but it’s not as simple as that. Moving, means I have to leave all my
friends. Then there is leaving the most special person to ever walk into my
life. His name, well his name is Seth Johnson. As a teenager, you never really
truly know what love is until you’ve been with someone for three years. In my
book that’s called unconditional love. Loving someone and never stopping. I
will admit that we have had our fall outs, but what couple hasn’t. My parents
think I’m crazy thinking I’m in love as a senior in high school when I still
have my college career to worry about; they don’t understand; one day I’m going
to marry that boy.                            
  That morning I saw the movingtrucks in my front yard, my heart sank in my stomach. Never in my life, have Ifelt this much pain. Knowing this was the last time I would be standing in thisdriveway. Knowing I will never see Seth again. It hurt even more, that hecouldn’t be here, to say goodbye. I know one day we will reunite and be a family.                                                                                   

“Serenity, go get your                              

The End

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