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this is also about my ex-friend, and i am going to hopefully get up the courage to talk out our problems :/

you have no idea how badly i want to talk out our problems, but all you do is talk shit about me and i dont know if it is even worth my time anymore.  we used to be the best of friends, but now you hate me, and for what? i dont even know.  you said that i was calling you a whore but the truth is, is that not once did i say anything like that about you.  i so badly want for us to at least talk again, but i dont think that is going to happen.  and the thing  about this is that i dont know how to tell you how i really feel.  i wish there was a way for things to go back to the way they were, but i dont know where to look for answers, so for now i am just going to think it over for a way to understand why you turned against me so fast it was like i had been struck by lightning.

The End

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