just a small piece, written while i was on vacation.

    Music disrupts the peace; the ocean waves speak more softly, caressing rather than penatrating. and i miss you now. technology tethers me to you, crossing what feels like a hundred miles; it is not close enough. i want to throw this anchor, toss it into the foggy seagreen depths from this balcony ledge, and turn to run home to you. but the sea, she calls to me. her roaring whisper resounds in my bones and i retain it, a seashell of skin and blood; my veins the delicate patterns that convey my story. with each rise and fall of her tide, i can feel her stretching to reach me. she beckons me; whispering sweet nothings as her hidden fury waits beneath her [depths]. ancient and patient, she beckons me. if she had your heartbeat, i would belong to her.

The End

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