When the words won't come isn't it oh so frustrating. I can't write what I want to say and I can't say what I need to write so I just think what I cannot write or say. So this is what I think I guess?

Did you know, for the longest time I wasn't sure about you. I didn't know what to make of you. You kinda introduced yourself to me and made yourself my friend. I had no idea really who you were or why you did that, though in hindsight it makes perfect sense. To be honest I feel really bad. I think I might have scorned you inside myself before I had any reason to judge you. For that I've always been sorry. It's never anyone's place to judge a person without knowing them. Still, it didn't matter. You changed me. There was so much you introduced me to without me even noticing it. Before I knew it I was someone slightly different to who I was before. More like an evolution of myself. And there was someone there too who treated me more like a true friend than most other people I could mention, someone who always had a smile and a laugh with me and someone who always did something that was just a little new yet made me feel so at home. Someone who was just right. Someone who soon became my closest friend. But that's all I want to write for today. I'll think about you more tomorrow.

The End

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