A really short piece (could be interpreted as a flash fiction) based on the true story of my cousins attack. Done in about 15 minutes to wake me up, therefore it's not suppose to be proper writing . Not edited.

It was like he was her slave. Drey hated running back and forth for his mother like this, complain and it’s rude and ungrateful, exhale in annoyance was giving attitude. This time he showed no response, he took the money out of her hands, recalled the list in his head tomato puree, pasta, meat, orange juice, salt. The door shivered in it’s casing as he left and his mother shouted behind him to never slam her damn door like that again. He wouldn’t hear and she knew it but it didn’t stop her.

His legs carried him briskly in sync with his pacing mind. He wasn’t entirely sure why he was so mad school work, friends, school work, Mum, fucking school work. He’s a teenager and he teenagers are supposedto be angsty and pissed off for no reason. He collected his mums requested items obliviously forgetting the salt and headed out the shop with precisely £2.41 change that he’d secretly wanted to cut into for his own desired items.

He walked back slowly this time, the shopping bag bouncing on and off his side with each step he took. Much slower taking in the roads and the world ahead of him. Taking the time to stop and observe this made him calmer. He looked at adults, he’ll get there soon, the little bits of life weigh his soul down no will soon be light, non-existent even. There were kids his age coming his way, going about their own lives and he wondered how life was treating them, where they too stressed about school? Or where these lot like Emma Coff who plucked A’s and A*’s out of the sky without so much as stretching her arm. And did they have friends who took ‘fall outs’ further than what parents think they are, a bitchy word here and there. He had fallen out with Jordane just a few days ago because apparently he was with his girl, not true. But how could he prove himself? Most of their friends were taking Jordane’s side, and that’s where the problem lies with friendship groups - you always have to pick a side. Things were dragging on to the point where Drey stepped out to say that he didn’t give a fuck anymore. This again untrue but who could possibly know any different to what he says if he played the game and acted cool. He stared at them as they walked past surely they looked happy enough for the brief seconds he’s caught their faces but it’s easy enough to smile and pretend it’s all good. That’s what Drey started to do, he started to smile. He made his way into the park to divert his journey home, it was empty - or close to it which actually wasn’t so odd it’s not the nicest of parks around and it wasn’t the nicest of days.

Had the sun just fallen from the sky? Dull white assaults his vision. There is an edgeless pain scraping its way around his body. The world fades for a few seconds and when it returns he can hear himself screaming - a fixed blood curdling scream.  

Drey raises his head from the ground, daring not to moving his bottom half.bearing his teeth as he becomes conscious of the fact that he’s been stabbed. The pain was nauseating the blood running from his upper leg was foul and agonizing to say the least. Who else but Jordane? Nothing he thought could sum up his bitterness multiplying inside him and nothing could suppress drive to kill the bastard. He sat there for a good 2 minutes holding pressure to his with his jeans.He finds his phone, suprised it was left behind ‘Fell on smthing sharp in da prk, wil b a while buh dw im fine  he texts his mum. He leaves the park limping on the pain, pulling through like a man should. He and ignores the blood on his jeans and catches the first bus that comes.

The End

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