A Sorry Excuse for a Love Song


And I faded away to the Rolling Stones,

with memories I put away.

Silly thoughts of you that don't even rhyme

and a childhood I wished away.

Moments for which,

if given the chance, I'd give my life away.

I missed you even when we were still here –

a minute away...

Of course I did nothing

after all, we were leaving; we're going away.

A summer wasted on excuses (I was always good at those),

a talent I would give away.

And I would say music helped,

but that would be a lie, and unhealed, I wasted away.

I drowned myself in books,
moments of belonging to a world that was a world away.

And Pride and Prejudice gave me shaky hopes,

before we went away...


For what felt like forever,  like The World At Large

while I floated away, on a lukewarm current

and all summer long, I just faded away.

The End

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