Paper Hearts

Waking backwards now…

As we drove through that

Empty parking lot,

On a rainy afternoon

In the December we forgot

And we smiled like June

And spoke like the stars

And laughed like a dozen

Pewter wind-chime bars


And my heart swelled high in color

And my spirit filled with words,

While my soul folded itself over

Into a thousand singing paper birds


Sh – Didn’t you see me?

When I called your name –

And I called your name…


We laughed -driving over

The road that seemed forgotten

by the rest of the world,

Left to sweeping clover,

Whose soft blooms swirled,

As we rushed by in a car,

As the sun set like molten gold

And the warmth of dying March

Lingered before the cold


And my spirit, speechless in wonder,

Stopped my heart that kicked in glee,

While my soul jumped and called you

And called you, from me


Like paper birds, we called you

I felt myself split in three

In a thousand fragile pieces,

Following in your winds


What happened to that?

I wasn’t enough, I know;

We went nowhere, and I’m left

Going nowhere, no, no –

You’ve moved on, so…

I’m here trying… trying

Living with memories of you

And here’s to memories of us


While my soul sang cries of sorrow,

My spirit wrenched itself into a dream

And my heart is busy with tomorrow,

Trying not to fade, but seem

Functional as I tear myself to paper pieces


You never heard me call you –

Or thought it sounds playing

On summer breezes

But I called you, like I did…


As I feel my short breath freezes

And my heart is ripped to tiny pieces,

Cut into a string of hearts,

To be displayed across the trees,

Whispering in the sultry breezes

The End

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