Until the Curtain Falls

My second songriting endeavor. I have music, too, but I cannot write it out. Only humming or singing :)

Let me see the longing

In the deepness of your eyes

Touching every corner

Of my weaknesses, and lies


And lead me until the curtain falls

Help me feel along these walls


Your heartbeat resonating

Like a humming violin

In your eyes, like glowing cinders,

From where the fire’s been


So guide me gently along these walls

And lead all the way, to where the curtain falls


Because this life is only a play

And we’re trapped together

On the raised stage


So guide me past the wooden walls

Be my lead until the curtain falls


Take me to the places

Where we walked along the shore;

Show me the frozen music

Of the lives we lived before


But help me feel along the breakers;

Don’t let me fall over the walls

And lead me on, into the sun

To where the curtain falls

The End

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