Unspoken WordMature

There is something which can separated you from the person you loved the most, cared the most and trusted the most. May be there is no ill feeling between you but still you are not the same.

This unspoken word which is unrealized is of utmost importance to you and the other person standing with you.

Feelings!!! are the most incredible part of life. you never know when it comes....you never know when it extends and you know when you want to run away from it.The most subtle ever remembering part of every story of feeling is that your word are never with you. your heart says something your mouth speaks something. all the relationship which are attached from the soul are unexplainable. The reason most of the misunderstanding arises is just because your words don't support you. 

this discrepancy leads to misunderstandings when you know that there is something undefined between you and the other person might be confused for teh every reason. you know you care, you know the other person cannot do this thing to you, but still you keep everything to your small heart for the reason words.


Why ????


why words have the screen-full feelings and led most of the relationships to the uncovered story which is although to the most prior part of your life but you keep it covered on the name of being rational and practical.


why the person even connected with the hearts are not able to listen the UNSPOKEN WORD of the heart.

the reason can be anything ego, attitude, etc but this jeopardize your life onto the same stairs wherein you have to start with the life again.


the struggle of life, the shock of life. the greatness of life is rotating onto this circle wherein words acts as a messenger to the heart. mind, soul of your loved one. But your one action unveiled on your part can leave the knot which can actually break the thread of your friendship, love and the utmost concern.

Do listen to your heart and understand the value of the person. May be you can stop breaking the relationship or stop the fights arising in the your life leaving you unsaid and unanswered.

The End

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