Unrequited part 1


I’m waiting for it to pass

This feeling that I cant last

Until you see me

See me really,

For who I am

A woman in love with a man

Oblivious to this scene

Like a parallel world floating beneath

Your consciousness

Where every word you say

Every utterance

Is locked away and saved

Feasted on the lonely days.


In my dreams we’re never friends

In my dreams I’ve found the strength

To tell you how I feel

To make my thoughts real

And so we’re lovers in my sleep

But the mornings make me weep

When I wake up

And I hate to wake up

As the plummet to earth is so deep.


And so each day stretches like a suspension bridge

With every hour a link

That places me further away from you

And you from me too

As nothing lasts forever

And time, however clever

Cannot preserve what was never really there

Your eyes, your lips, your hair

Were only ever touched in my imagination

Where I built a situation

That may never come true.

I fear for my memory too

As this feeling may fade

The fire turn grey

With only ashes to remain.


And what if I forget your eyes?

Or the curls that always seemed so surprised

To be on such a beautiful head.

What if I remain lonely instead?

Never seeing this hunger fed.





The End

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