Unrequited (A Song About Love Lost)

I tried to tell myself I'd let it go

But after all this time, you know

It's not so easy to forget this

Although I never dared to take the risk

To find out if it was the same for you

Because every little thing you'd do

Would make me smile

And want to cry

/ Because it was too much for me to take

The constant way you made my heart ache

But these feelings I've tried to erase

Come back whenever I see your face

/ All the years I wasted and you never knew

So many chances snatched to talk to you

I needed you to notice me

Through it all you didn't see

But for a while it seemed you wanted me too

Please tell me, what did I have to do

To make you love me

This isn't how it should be

/ Because I shouldn't have to take this in

Silently I just keep on wishing

That you'll realise the truth

You need me and I need you

/ But it doesn't work that way

No matter what I'd do or say

Happy endings aren't so common anymore

So I'll bury this, just lock the door

/ I'll try to forget you

Just like you forgot me

The End

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