...always making me melt just that little bit more...

For a close friend I have known for many years now.

You have no idea how much you mean to me.

From day one I've looked upon you with nothing but admiration, respect and wonder. You say these things that make me laugh, you do these things that make me smile with appreciation and then just as I think I have you figured out, you do something else that completely blows me out of the water and makes me fall for you all over again.

I don't understand when or how it all began, but I can safely say I've never regarded anyone else with such love, never felt such passion and possessiveness.

Anything to make you happy. A favour, a soft word of comfort in your ear when no one else "has the time". The bones to stand by your side when you're up against it and it seems there is no way out, and say "I am here for you." And besides, you have always been there for me. Always saying the right things, always doing the right things, always making me melt just that little bit more. 

Anything to make sure he... is happy. If he is happy, you are, and I suppose that's all I can do without crossing the line.

And oh to cross that line. The line that holds back a friendship from plummeting headfirst into something a hell of a lot more powerful. To sit so close, to have you tease me without even realising it, is pure torture. The leg over mine, the glint in the eye, the cheeky grin. Do you know how much I want to wipe that smile off your face? Shove you down and just take those stupid clothes off? Touch you, lick every inch, make you moan and beg for more? No, I thought you didn't. Silly boy.

I have said it before, and without hesitation I say it again. I know you're taken. I know it's practically futile, but the offer is always there.

I love you.

The End

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