Unlock My Heart

Sing to me, softly

Tell me who stole your heart

Use your piano keys to unlock mine

I’m so close to blossoming

Yes, tell me softly

I’ll open so fully completely

Ready to be plucked and savoured evermore


I want to let go

Fall blissfully in love

I just need to hear those words from your lips

Let them roll of your tongue

Or a breathless whisper in my ear

Just make them sincere


Don’t make me read between the lines

You don’t know how my mind wonders

That’s how it starts

Blindfolded by a dream until that’s all we see

All we desire to see

Never daring to peak beneath the cracks in the fold


Yes, My imagination is running wild

I can ignore it let it fade from conciousness

If only you sing to me

Tell me something Van Morrison would say

Someone like you

No only you

The End

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