Unguarded Moments

Snapshots in time, moments that can change lives forever yet only take that moment. We all have experienced them, we all know of those moments.
I'm interested in what others come up with and would love other participants. They just have to be short, that moment in time.

I wrote the first of these years ago, and promptly lost the USB they were saved on, only to have it resurface recently. I'm glad it did.

It was unexpected, but equally slow and passionate, and he held on as if his very life rested on that single kiss. And she sank into it, allowing him to pull her closer, one hand wrapping around her neck the other in the small of her back, her hands unconsciously wrapping around his hips, gripping the belt loops in his jeans

‘No.’ Realization set in and jolted her body back to reality, and tears began to course down her face at what that single moment meant and what her reaction would mean.

‘Please?’ his lips were still parted in the memory of the kiss, but the rest of his face forced back the flood of disappointment, the desperate need.

‘I can’t Jon.’

Seeing her tears he pulled her into him and held her as she sobbed into his shoulder. ‘We could have been perfect.’ She nodded, unable to speak through the sobs and he held on tighter, not wanting to let go, knowing she wanted to hold on as much as he did.

The room they stood in was small, a guitar rested against one wall, a stack of CD’s next to it under a poster of a barely clothed woman, she could see herself over Jon’s shoulder in the mirror near the bed, the laughter and light hearted conversation that had occurred on that bed only minutes ago overshadowed by that one unguarded moment.

‘Where do we go from here?’

Still with his arms around her he shook his head. ‘Stay friends?’

But the truth echoed silently between then.

The End

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