Well last night was, a night. Wait where am I? I looked around and realized I'm in Peter's room! Did I? Did we? We did!I got up and I got dressed . Thank god no one was up. I quietly  left Peter's room and slipped into my own.

" Well, well, well where have you been all night?" Caleb was sitting on my bed waiting for me ." You had a little fun last night didn't ya?"

" Well you heard?" I sat down next to him.

" Did I hear." He sarcastically said.

" Shut up." I playfully threw a pillow at him. " I gotta go see Elijah." I said glancing at the time.

" Can I come?" He asked, still laughing.

" If we hurry." We both got ready, took some food and walked out the back door. 

" Hey Oris." I whispered as we walked toward the shed. 

" Who is Oris?"Caleb asked, quietly following behind me.

" Well I am Oris." He came crawling out the back of the shed." Good morning Nim."

" Good morning." I handed when some food and enough water and fruit to last him a week. " This is my friend, Caleb."

" Caleb. You are Jewish, correct?" Oris asked.

" Yes sir. How do you know?" He responded.

" Thick black hair, the nose, the hair line. It's oblivious." He then turned to me. " Are you hiding him?"

" Yes he is staying in my closet." Oris looked at the both of us.

" This is a very special girl and she is doing a very brave and heroic thing for you. Take care of her." Oris told Caleb.

" I will." He all smiled.

" Oris we have to leave and go see Elijah." We said our goodbyes and headed into the forest.

" We are almost there." I said pushing branches out of my face. As we made our way toward the fence, I could see Elijah was already there.

" Hey NIm." He stood up. He then looked over at Caleb. " Caleb?"

" Hey Elijah, I would hug you,but." He looked up at the fence going 20 feet into the air. 

" Wait you two know each other?" I asked, very confused.

" We're brothers." They both said at the exact same time. 

" Who is mom and dad?" He asked still smiling. When noone answered his face looked dull and lifeless. 

" They were shot." He paused." Bracha too." I said knowing Caleb couldn't. 

" Nim?" I could hear Peter's voice in a distance. 

" Oh Sargent Dreamy is here." Caleb joked around.

" Just go hide." I said and he silently lied down in the ditch. I then ran  towards Peter's voice.

" Hey what are you doing back here?" He asked.

" I just needed some air." I told me trying to get him to walk the other way.

" Okay well your grandfather and Hans left. I'm about to head into town. Do you need anything?" He asked me. 

" No I think I'm fine." I said calmly trying not to let him look toward Elijah or Caleb.

" Okay then." He started to lean towards me. 

" You know what, I think I could use some more Old Crow." I panicked.

" Ill go get some." He walked off confused and I leaned against the tree in relief. Both Elijah and Caleb started laughing as they came out of hiding. I rolled my eyes and started walking away. Elijah and Caleb said their goodbyes and Caleb followed me back home. 

" Hey whats going on with you too?" Caleb asked.

" Nothing. Nothing at all."

" Well you slept with him and he seemed pretty disappointed when you didn't kiss him." I didn't listen to him. As we approached the house I could see Hans and my grandfather coming home. Mr. Anthony and Jacob were with them. Caleb went into my room and I went outside as everyone began to come in.

" Hey Jacob,' I sat down inside of his car.


" Hey. You okay?"

" Uh yeah, I guess. I mean no. I don't know."

" What's up?" He said with a slight smile on his face. I then spilled my guts. I told him everything about the girl, about Peter.

" Wow so you and Peter, huh?" He paused for a moment." Well what exactly am I supposed to do with this?" Good point.

" I don't know. I guess I just need someone to talk to."

" Well I'm always here." There was silence.

" Jacob we need some drinks.: Anthony called from the house. Jacob smiled and left the car. I was going to open the door and get out, but Jacob came over and opened it for me.

" Thanks." I smiled.

" No problem." We both walked toward the house. Jacob went to fix the drinks and I was handed a letter. 

" Dear Mrs. Josie Nim. You are invited to honor the life of Jordan, your brother. We realize you are not close to him. Nor were you ever, but we would love if you could come and honor his life." I never really knew my brother. I can only look upon memories when it comes to him. 

" Hey," Jacob walked up to me with drinks," You, me and Caleb." He smiled. He handed me a drink and we went upstairs.

" Caleb?" I said walking into my room. he opened the closet door with a huge smile on his face.

" Why are you so happy?" i asked, handing him a drink.

" Peter just pulled up." He laughed, knowing I've been trying to avoid Peter after last night. He laughed. 

After a few minutes there was a knock at the door. Caleb moved off the chair and stayed on the floor under my bed.

"C'mon in." I said. It was Peter.

" You left this downstairs." He handed me the letter.

" Hello. Peter is it?" Jacob stood up and held out his hand with a smile on his face. 

" Yes and you are?" He rudely didn't shake his hand.

" Uh Jacob. I'm Mr. Anthony's driver." Jacob said. He didn't have a smile anymore, he looked more nervous than happy.

" Well I'm not sure if servants should be hanging out with us." He had a very stern look on his face. He then turned around and left the room.

" Excuse me." I went after him. " That was kind of insulting." I walked up behind him.

" It's true." He stated.

" It's low and disrespectful." I sharply said.

" Look I don't think he is good for you. Hanging out with him, it isn't right. " He said standing really close to me. 

" Why not?" I then became very anger.

" He isn't a lot of things you need." He moved a bit closer and started to whisper. " You need me." I'm not sure why I'm really like kissing him, but I do. I don't even like him like that. And then as I wished he kissed me over and over again.

" Peter? Where is my new wine?" My grandfather called. We both smiled knowing we drank it. Peter walked back downstairs. I turned around and went back in to my room. I entered to the sound of Caleb laughing.

" Sargent Dreamy strikes again." He whispered knowing there were still people in the hallway.          

" Nim, what's this?" he asked looking at the envelope. 

" It's just something I got today." I didn't want to go into to much detail.

" You gotta dress?" He said looking over the letter." It says there will be a ball in his honor."

" Grandfather will probably get something for me." I said reading over it.

" Why?" Caleb asked.

" He doesn't want me embarrassing him." I said yawning.

" Wow I better get going." He said looking at his watch." It was nice to seeing you both again." He then walked out the door. Caleb went back in the closet and I sat on my bed thinking and wondering how I'm going to get threw tomorrow.




The End

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