Tired. Very tired. Last night I stayed up with Caleb and now im exhausted.

" Caleb?" I said walking into the closet.

" Yes," He answered.

" I'm going to see Elijah-"

" Can I come." He interrupted.

"Um," I hesitated."Later when  my grandfather leaves you can come with me. I just dont want to risk you getting caught." He was silent.

" I understand."

" You hungry?" I asked trying to change the subject.

" Very." He said getting up.

" Ill get something." I walked out of my room and made my way into the kitchen.

" There is someone still there." I heard voices coming from the great room. I walked closer to the room. The men from yesterday were surrounding a desk.

" Well, what are we going to do?" Anthony asked.

" We can just leave them." Peter suggested.

" No. We need to destroy the Warsaw ghetto. Then who ever is in there will be gone for good." My grandfather said. Peter looked at me and our eyes locked.

" Dismissed." The group of men scattered. Peter came towards me. I walked away going into the hallway.

" Nim, wait up." I was in front of my bedroom door when Peter stopped me.

" What?"

" I thought you would be the one trying to save this person."

" Well, I'm not." He blocked me from going into my room.

" Why?"

" Because someone once told me that I cant save everyone and if I try I will probably get hurt in the end." He looked at me knowing that he put that in my head. I walked into my room.

" What was that about ?"  Caleb asked as I handed him the food.

" Nothing." It wasn't nothing. He looked at me like he knew something was up.

" We are going ." He stopping eating.

"Are you crazy?" He looked at me and i knew he was completely sane.

" I will prove that you might not be able to save everyone but you can try and have success." He looked at me trying to convince me.

" Fine. Stay here/" I went downstairs. The house was empty. Everyone already left. I walked into the kitchen to see Jacob looking out the window into the lot.

" Hey Jacob." He turned after hearing my voice.

" Hello Nim. How was your day?" He said formally.

" Its been surprising."

" So what can I do for you?"

" Would you like to drive Caleb and I back to Warsaw?"

" Go get Caleb." He smiled at me, grabbed his keys and went outside. I went to get Caleb and we went to the car. We drove, but differently than before. All three of us were engaged in a conversation, it wasn't silent anymore. As we pulled up to the garbage cans, Caleb and i got out.

" NIm?" Jacob called.

" Yea." I went back to the car.

" be careful." We both smiled and I left. Caleb was already on the wall so he helped me up and we climbed down the other side. We walked down the streets and it was quiet and empty.

" This place is really peaceful." Caleb interrupted the silence.

" This place is a cemetery." I said walking along roads full of bodies.

" I think I see something." I ran toward a building. Caleb ran behind me.

" Nim!" He grabbed my arm and pulled me into that same space we hid in before. I looked out to see men setting each building on fire one at a time. I searched for the person I saw.

" There she is." It was a little girl.

" She is just a child..."

" I have to help her." Next thing you know the men are in front of the building the little girl was in. The put it up in flames.

"N-." I tried to go after her, but Caleb held me back.

" NIm. Nim come on." I was blank. I couldn't think of anything. " Nim we have to get home before them." he just wanted to get me out of there. We went threw the back and over the brick wall. 

"Hey guys. how'd it go?"He stared at the both of us.

" Can we just go ?" Caleb asked. I still had that blank look on my face. As we arrived home, no one was there. I gave Oris and Caleb dinner and then I just went into my room. I think Caleb went to bed because I didn't hear form him the rest of the night.I kind of lingered along until everyone came home. All of the soldiers and Jacob went home . Hans went to bed and so did my grandfather. But not Peter, I drifted down the stairs and into the library.

" Hey." I said standing in the doorway.

" Hey, what are you doing up?" He said putting down a glass and a book.

" Couldn't sleep."

" Same here."He went to fill his glass. That's when I saw it. He was drinking Old Crow Whiskey. I couldn't find alcohol in this house at all.

" Is that?"

" Old Crow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey." He smiled as he poured me a glass as well.

" Those in the know~ Ask For Old Crow Kentucky Straight Bottled in Bond." We both said and laughed

" So whats up."

" I might of went after the little girl from Warsaw." I looked at him to see what he would say.

" Little girl?"

" Yea. i saw her and then I saw you guys so I hid. I could see her in the building before it went up in flames. She was looking at me and it looked like she didn't care." He put his arm around me.I put my glass in the air. " To Warsaw." I downed the glass and got another.

" You know, you need a drink." He got up and went to the kitchen. I knew he was drunk.

" I have a drink." He pulled out a bottle and handed it to me." Don Q Puerto RIcan Rum." I read the bottle.

" Have you ever had it?"

" Nope." he poured me a glass. I drank just a little. " Wow, that's strong."

" Its The Golden Touch." We laughed .

 That night we drank everything from Cinzano to Seagram's Gin. 5 bottles and 20 glasses later he had his hand up my shirt and I wasn't doing anything about it. I don't remember much of it after that, but I hope it come back to me.

The End

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