When I woke up there was a dozen soldiers here. I went into the kitchen and Peter wasn't cooking, but he was speaking with another man. I looked around to see what was going on. As I walked threw the hallways I noticed my grandfather in his office.

" Grandfather, whats going on?" He looked up at me. I thought he was going to say something about yesterday.

" we are planning to bring the remaining Jews from the Warsaw ghetto to the camp." My eyes widen as I realized that the Warsaw ghetto was the one we visited, the one Caleb is in.

" Daniel?" A man at the door was calling for my grandfather.

" Nim this is Anthony," My grandfather introduced us.

" Nice to meet you," he shook my hand. " Where should I park my car?" He turned back to my grandfather. 

" I can take care of it." He thanked me and I walked outside calmly.

" Excuse me, are you Anthony's driver?"  I walked up to the man by a car.

" Why yes. How may i help you?" He said leaning against the car.

" I need a ride."

" Did Mr. Anthony give you permission?"

" Of course he did." I'm lying.

" Then hop in." We both went into the car." Where to?" 

I need to go to the Warsaw ghetto." I was wondering what he would say about it. 

" Why would you want to go there?" He seemed concerned. I stared at him trying to come up with an explanation.

" Listen, I need to find someone and bring him back."

" No way!" He disagreed with my idea. I pulled out 200 marks.

"here," He examined the money then slipped it in his pocket.

" Lets go." We drove in complete and utter silence. it seems as if that's all i get now. We pulled up to the entrance and it was blocked.

" Stay here." I ran to where the garbage cans were. I climbed on one  of them. It lifted me just high enough, so I could climb on top the brick wall. I looked around to try and find out what part of the ghetto I was in. I saw the bodies of the men Peter killed and knew where I was. I ran over to Caleb's house. As I made my way there the streets were unusually empty. I walked up to his house to see three bodies. there was Caleb's parents and Bracha. I couldn't believe it. I looked up at the windows to see Caleb staring down at me. He wasn't smiling anymore, he had a blank look on his face. I walked up the three steps heading up to the door and opened it.When I walked inside it was neat and quiet. Up stairs and down a hallway I found Caleb. I walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder.

" It's all knowing." He said slowly." Why are you here? They will be here soon."

" That's why I'm here."

" Nim you don't know what you are getting yourself into." he kept staring out the window. 

" You are right I don't know, but you are going to die if you don't come with me ." He didn't seem to be listening.

" Nim I don't have anything else to live for now."

" Then do it for me," He looked at me," I have known you for a little over a day and you showed that you care. Caleb, no one cares at my house. Only Elijah, but I haven't seen him in forever."

" Elijah?" he seemed surprised.

"He is a boy a little younger than us."

" Is he a Jew?"

" Yes."

" Ill come then." I helped him up and we ran toward the wall. We tried to find a way up.

" Here, a stool." i found a bar stool and put it near the wall. Caleb climbed up and sat on top of the wall while he helped me up.

" Did you walk here?"

" No I got a ride." We ran toward the car.

" All done?" The driver asked.

" Yea." I smiled both Caleb and I got into the car and we drove off. It wasn't that long of a ride. We pulled up to the house.

" Take off your jacket." I told Caleb and he did.

" How are we suppose to get in?"

" Everyone i9s in the office for a meeting." We stepped out of the car.

" Thanks-" I went to thank the driver.

" Jacob. So where do I park?" He smiled.

" East side of the building." We walked away. Caleb and I went threw the kitchen and into my room. 

" This place is huge." Caleb said just looking at my room.

" Go take a shower and I'll get you some food." I handed him a towel as he walked into the bathroom. I made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen. I got some leftovers from the fridge for Oris and Caleb. I haven't seen Oris in a few days.

"Miss?" I turned around to see Jacob standing in the doorway.

"Hey what do you need?" He walked towards me.

"Here," He handed me the 200 marks I have him a few hours ago." I don't need this. I actually wanted to help you."

" Thanks," I took the money back.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't caught your name."

"Its Nim."

"Nim, original." We both giggled."If you ever need a ride you know where to find me."

We both left. I went to the garden to give Oris food. He was fine as always. then I made my way back to my room.

Caleb was sitting in his suit with his hair soaking wet.

" Hey, I have some clothes from the laundry room." I gave him a pair of Slim-cut trousers and a greenish-gray button down shirt. " Sorry I didn't see an overcoat." I had everything but.

"Its fine. Honestly this is great." He went into the bathroom to change.

"Nim?" My grandfather came upstairs looking for me. I knocked on the bathroom door before I let my grandfather in to tell Caleb to stay there.


"We are all leaving now."

"Okay." He walked away and out the door along with a dozen others.

" Hey he is gone," Caleb came out of the bathroom. 

"It's getting a bit late, where will I be sleeping tonight?" Caleb asked. Wow, I haven't thought about it.

" Well I have a big closet," I smiled. "I'm sorry I haven't really thought about that."

" Its fine. Don't worry about it. I'm grateful that you even let me stay here." He brought a few blankets in the closet and within a hour he was asleep.

At 11 my grandfather came home, the soldiers that were with him stayed the night.. I woke up at 2 to Caleb staring out the window.

" What are you doing?" I asked Caleb, yawning.

"Nothing, just." He paused." What is that train doing?" I got up to check it out.

" Its dropping off Jews. See that's the concentration camp." I pointed at the camp. " They came from Warsaw. "

" This is a nice view."

"You can see just about everything from here." I pointed to the town and the house I lived in with my mom. Then Caleb showed me where he lived before all of this. We shared stories and I learned a lot about him, like he is Polish.

I was actually pleased to have this hour long conversation with  him about his life and my life and we even talked about the future.

By 3 Caleb was back in the closet and I was fast asleep. Im glad I did what I did today. Caleb made me feel safe the other night and now its my turn to protect him.

The End

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