Understand Other's Differences

We all are different and unique. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves as well. So let's all do our best to be understanding of others.

I am like all of you. I am a human and I have feelings. Most of us want to be accepted by the people around us as well, and to fit in. So why do we have those people who don't understand? To me, it is simple common sense. Follow the golden rule. Treat others how you want to be treated. 

We all have lead different lives from every other person that has ever lived. No one has experienced exactly the same things as anyone else. Yet there are people who still think that they have a right to pick on someone just because of their differences. What gives someone the right to judge someone else? What gives a person the right to think that they are superior to others? We are ALL equal to everyone else, and no one has the right to thin that they are better or to act like it. 

Having money does not make you any better then those who don't have enough of it. Flaunting your money is stupid and makes others think of you as thinking you are superior. Yes, that means they are judging you, but that is the way the world has always been. But what if we all decided to really try to think about others as equals? What if we were welcoming towards everyone, not just the "normal" people? so what if people are different. We all know that we are all different and we all know that we should treat people equally, but why don't we? Are we afraid? I think so. 

Don't be afraid of being different, or stepping up for someone who is being messed with. We all deserve a chance to live a good life and not be shoved down. Because of being seen as being "different", thousands if not millions of teenagers and others have committed suicide. Because of being bullied, students have failed their classes because they are afraid of what might happen to them after class, or after school. We ALL are trying to fit in in this world, we ALL want to be cared about and to not be alone. Don't exclude someone just because they are different from you.

What if you were the one being excluded? What if you were the one too shy to approach people for fear of rejection?

I personally am someone who has grown used to being alone. But i'm going to tell you a secret, okay? I want friends. I want to have people around me that care about me and won't judge me. I want to have at least one friend. How sad is that? I don't have a single close friend, not a single person that I can talk to when I feel sad or happy. Sure, I have people I can talk to and say hi to in the hallway, but they aren't really friends. They are just other people who want to be accepted by everyone else. 

Be accepting of others. Don't judge anyone, not even in your mind. When you find that you do, remember this: We all want to be accepted. Don't be mean to others, and don't talk about them behind their backs. No one deserves to be cast out of society. Be the person who saves a life everyday. People die inside of themselves everyday because of being alone, and they continue to die every day. So stretch your hand out to those we are different and help them feel accepted and  wanted. 

If you are someone who has a story to share about being different and looking for acceptance, please share. WE want to hear your story, no matter what your life outside of here may be. 

The End

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