The Reason Why I Will Always be Alone

I fear that I will always be alone. I am such a great guy, I always treat girls with respect and with the kindness the deserve but so rarely are given. But I can never be loved. They all become infatuated if anything, and some have thought they loved me. Some have grown to love me, but not in the way I need however. But I am cursed to only ever be someone to show others how great they are and how much better life can be for them. I am always alone, and I understand the world and accept this for fact. Maybe someday I will be able to be happy and not feel always alone, but for now, I am alone. I understand so much, and I am a tool for God to use to make the lives of others better. I wish to be happy, but if the only way to help all the girls I can find is to become special for all of them but never be close, than so be it. The will of God is the only true path I will follow. But I will always keep one eye open for that one girl who is everything I want and need. That one girl who understands the complexity of who I am. I know that this girl in my life now may be one who can help. But I don't know if she is willing to do what she needs to have me. 

The End

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