Stage SettingMature

[The stage is softly lit with light that grows in strength until all can be seen. The theatre will be divided into four areas - the fore-stage, the back-stage, the balcony and the audience. The majority of the action will take place on the fore-stage which will act as a series of clearings in a forest. It will be furnished with a couple of small plants - nothing that is above waist height of the smallest member of the cast. They will be placed there randomly - as if growing freely in a forest. Leaves and dirt may be scattered across the stage. The back-stage will be used as a forest area. It will be furnished with a large collection of trees of which some may be able to hide a person if they stood behind it. Again, they will be placed randomly - as if growing freely in a forest. There will be sufficient space between them for cast members to move between them with relative ease but they will be close enough to give the impression of a real forest. This may be aided by some form of painted backdrop that would depict further trees. The balcony will be a raised platform to the right of the main stage and will act as higher vantage points throughout the forest as it will allow the characters to look down on the stage. It will be cast in shadow and only lit when there are characters there. There will be trees and shrubbery there as well, random once again. The audience are will cover the remainder of the theatre and will be where the audience is seated. There will be multiple aisles in between the audience which will allow for the characters to move on and off of the stage  in a variety of directions. There will be trees and shrubbery to be found around the outskirts of the audience with the occasional vine climbing the walls.]

The End

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