A glimpse into my mind on no sleep. (Be afraid...Be very afraid)

So I'm feelin inspired (or tired) this mornin so I thought I'd write about it so that everyone could share my morning too.  I have been awake all night. No particular reason I just didn't go to sleep. This morning I played on the internet, watched tv, ate a sandwich, played with my dog, stared into space then I logged on to protagonize. I looked at my sad little profile with no writing posted and I decided to write something so everyone will know how brilliant a writer I am. lol...  The only problem is that my mind is blank probably because I am now suffering from insomnia. Honestly I don't know if I am actually writing or if I am dreaming that I was writing. I don't know. Anyway I am gonna pour myself a cup of coffee if indeed I am awake......

The End

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