The Libby report.

I don't know if anyone knows this, But I did not grow up a very happy child.

My favorite color was always Black. Because it showed the world, my emotions.

Anyway. Life isn't hard anymore. i have many friends. Whom I love. Most of the time I dont like my friends before I get to know them.

I am an open book, I always have been.

The only thing people liked me for in middle, and elementary school, was my dark blue eyes.

Even the mean chicks who loathed me, complimented my eyes.

But I also noticed that if I do not smile, with my teeth. I look retarded.

So I am optomistic, it welcomes people, and makes them automatically like me.

sure I am no longer skinny like I was in my childhood, and I probably wont be forever.

But my eyes will always be Dark blue. They will show my exact emotion.

My eyes are just like Jesus.

I have never really been a good christian (you know what I mean)

But I devote my life loving and praying to him. I take any sign he gives me, and do my best. I don't like the excuse,"I am only human."

But he will always be the same. He will always love me. It can only become  stronger. Our love.

Just like, when I smile, my face is not bored or yucky to some.

I am adorable.

I could not have said that when I was younger, because I didn't believe it.

But I do now.

The End

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