Warning! 16 Year Old Male Ranting!

I don't have much to say, but I do have something to say. Whether it means anything to you readers or not I do not know nor do I actually care. I have something to say and I'm going to be blunt about it.

So if you don't like a blunt 16 year old male with problems ranting about humanities flaws and failures.
Go Away.

     Now then, lets get started shall we. *The sound of my knuckles popping echoes off the walls of my quiet room.* First off, I wanna go ahead and get this out of the way; Humanity is utterly retarded. Why? Because people do not know how to treat other properly. I'm not saying that someone should walk around bowing to every living being and talking all like;
"Why hello there my good fellow man, how are you on this wonderful Friday afternoon?"
What I'm saying is that people need to not...shun others for their flaws that they cannot prevent. Example: A girl that has curly hair and she tells this guy she really likes, "Hey, I like you alot!" But the dude is all like "Ew! Never, you have curly hair, that's nasty."

Now some of us would be all like, "wtf man? It's just curly hair." So lemme paint a bigger picture for you. Lets say there is this girl, she's 16 but not a virgin because she made a mistake in her early years of High School. But because she isn't a virgin the entire friggin school shuns her and hates her. She can't change the past, what's done is done.

I may or may not be straying from the main base purpose of this thing my friend Hannah wrote, but I personally think I've stuck to the base line. Anyways...back to our show, "Ranting with Silence Danws."

    So there are some of us out there in this ever corrupting world that can...sense and feel what some of our fellow colleagues go through on a daily basis. We are rather rare believe it or not. Now what I wanna say is, don't sit around and watch as your friends or even random strangers talk about how ugly they are, or how much they wanna blow their own brains out because their life sucks. Instead of watching them and eating popcorn, why do you go hang out with em and eat popcorn with them at the movies or something. Ignore lifes troubles for a few hours, and when life has someone in a bind, go cut those binds. Ignore a persons flaws, ignore em. What matters is the persons internal beauty. For those of you that are to dumb to understand what that means...I'm sorry. You need to figure it out on your own.

     Yes, some people have small eyes, some have big. Someone may be rather skinny, others may be rather large. I don't flippin care if their eyeball is on their forehead, get to know em, accept them. (No matter how odd it may be) What a human being truly wants whether they believe it or not, is to be accepted and LOVED. Yes, LOVED. I don't mean the version of love where you say your gonna marry someone, that's a different version. I mean love em as if they were your sister or brother. Someone makes fun of em, you punch the person in the face. Someone makes em cry, you punch em in the gut. Someone kills em...oh boy that's a different story.

   I dunno if anything I said means anything to anyone, but it sure does mean something. I may be the only one to understand it..but at least SOMEONE will know what it means and attempt to make the world a better place. 

So yeah... *Glances at the clock* It's 2:11 in the morning, I probably could go on for at least an hour, but I bet it would end up being the same thing over and over. So i will let your minds rest for now. Perhaps my fellow friend that started this ranting trend will take over from here. I dunno.
Anyways...I'm going to bed.

~Silence Dawns, For Evig Og Alltid.

The End

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