Un viaje: the beginning of the endMature

It was a stressful hectic day. I had to go to work in the morning and go straight to uni for the last time this school year to speak to Simon. And then head off to meet Marcus in his workplace as we are going to view our future home. Someone drove us to Charponster where the house is located. The house was shit and far. I knew I was not gonna live there. Then after that, I went to the clinic. I am experiencing Cytisis or more known as urinary track infection. I felt it since thursday night and it really hurt. It's friday and the clinics in this godforsaken country wont let me see a doctor without registering. What if i'm dying? it feels like i'm dying. maybe i am. So i had to be registered first before they can look at my situation. fucking hell. Registration takes twenty four hours and they are closed on weekends. Which had meant I had to come back on Monday. It sucks. After this bloody day, all the stuffs i had planned to do were all done. at least over. work, uni, house viewing, clinic. I was so disappointed and stressed. Marcus and I had to separate after he walked me to the clinic. he said he couldn;t stand hospitals, they are full of ill people. cheers baby! i am ill. So i walked by the cliff and just stared at the beach while walking. i love this town. the beach. only if the water is not freaking cold. though it is still great. I felt hungry and had an argument with myself in my mind. I am so freaking stressed and I need to spend money. I cant be fucked to cook in our goddamn filthy kitchen. So i decided to eat at KFC and did not realize that four pieces of chicken is too much for my small body. too much. But hey, my stress lessened. I received a phone call from Marcus saying he's near KFC. I finished my meal quickly so I can meet him. He said he has found a double room for us which we can view now. The KFC branch he was talking about was not the KFC i was at. Hmmm.. I had to walk fifteen minutes. it was so much worth it. We found a double room in a flat in a building in Lansdowne. It is great and I like it. 50 quid a week, not bad. We paid for it right away. well at least an initial payment to secure it. The other room is going to be empty as well so we thought we can reserve it for our friends Asha and Andy. but it seemed like they are not interested. hmm. x

The End

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