Un Grand Monde

Le monde nous habitons, est tres grand et tout est possibles.

The world is a big place. And even bigger, the universe. The larger the world we live in, the bigger the possibilities and chances we have ahead of us. There's always that golden choice we make but we control our life and destiny. Everything isn't just made of luck or chance. It's the brewer of the beer that will decide how it's going to taste. Likewise, we make our own choices and we're responsible for what happens.

The most interesting thing about life is that we meet so many people along the way that may just turn our life around. The excitement of change can result in the better or for worse but it's upto one to decide which it will be

The one in a million smile can save one's life. A simple "hello" can make someone's day. A kiss goodnight is capable of starting fireworks. It amazes me how someone could influence us so much.

Humans connect so easily. And the emotions we experience even play a bigger role in everything we do. Hopelesness makes us give up so easily when in this one big world, there are so many possibilities of happening.

To be able to fully give yourself to faith in something happening, you first have to trust wholly in your own abilities

Le monde nous habitons, est tres grand et tout est possibles.

The End

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