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I hate the stereotype that just because I'm a Christian means that I'm homophobic. It's a sick stereotype that has sprouted from, well, the Westboro Baptists. And it's not just the Westboros that are getting picked out for it. Many ill-informed people have come to the conclusion that the church is not for the homosexual and that Christians prefer to keep them from their rights rather than invite them to the faith. Which, then, means I hate gay people. 

Seriously? Some of my close friends are very much gay. I love them all to death, and I strongly believe that just because they're gay does not mean they're automatically going to hell. 

Sure the bible said it's an "abomination", but, according to the bible, so is lying. So is hate. So is fornication. The whole reason Jesus came to earth was so that people didn't have to be constantly on they're best behavior to get into heaven. That's just impossible. No one is perfect and likewise a person cant help it if they're homosexual. If you're going to quote the bible on a couple of lines, get the whole picture. 

That's why instead of hating on the homosexuals, wanting to keep them from from their rights, I strongly believe all Christians should treat them as we would want to be treated and love them like Jesus loved the gentiles. Christianity is about love, not the other way around.

Personally, I think some Christians (*cough* Westboros) are making a mistake when they keep animosity with the LGBT population. They're showing a bad example of what the faith is and also creating hurtful stereotypes. Christians are supposed to love, not hate one another.

But I'm straying from the point. I love Jesus and LGBT. Is that so wrong? 

The End

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