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Because I can get piqued about stereotypes....

I absolutely hate lesbian stereotypes.

Not because I am a lesbian and feel that they do not accurately represent the population of homosexual women (which, fairly, they don't), but because I have been labeled as a lesbian in the past because of those stereotypes. 

Just because I have short hair, dress modestly, love to work with my dad with tools and have trouble flirting with guys does not mean I'm a lesbian. I can assure you my sexuality is straight as a pole. None of those aspects determine my sexuality. I'm simply a tomboy who has never hung around girly girls long enough (or could stand hanging around them) to learn otherwise. 

A few years back, when I was in middle school, I distinctly remember a boy calling me homosexual almost to my face. Note how it was almost to my face. If he had said it to my face, I would have taken it as a joke. Only he had said it to his friends within hearing distance. "Alison's gay," he stated with indifference. I don't think much of it now. After all, it was in middle school. Still, it makes me wonder how others think of me, especially when this was when I still had long hair. 

I take pride in my slight masculinity even though it makes it harder for guys to find an attraction for me. The furthest I've ever gotten in terms of flirting with a guy is a friendly smile. Again, this only has to do with the fact that I'm shy and I've never learned how to flirt from even my most flirtatious friends. This is probably why I've never had a boyfriend. In the end I don't really mind because I always remind myself of my all-time favorite Disney heroine, Mulan:

Look at me, I will never pass for the perfect bride.... but I can kick some ass and a hot Asian warrior will marry in me in the end...

The End

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