Two Strangers, Act 1, Scene 1Mature

When two strangers Courtney Goodman, and Rodger Right show up at the same point at a coffee shop, love sparks. Rodger soon asks Courtney out on a date, and they discuss very liberal issues. A fight soon follows. Will the two remain friends? Is there hope? Find out in this short play.

It is around 3:00 on a Sunday, we are in a coffee shop. This is a typical shop set up with counters, and a sink. There are tables all around, and other forms of seating. Along the wall, however there is a bookshelf. Courtney is in line at the desert case ordering coffee, and a pastry from a barista Rodger is behind her. 

Courtney: I think ill have. Hold on, wait, no that looks even better. (beat) Wait. Do i feel like a mocha, and a chocolate crescent? 

Rodger: Hey lady, would  you please just decide? There are other people in this line you know who would like to order as well. 

Courtney: Well, it seems your the only other person in line except for me sir. 

Barista: Miss, with all do respect, you are taking a bit long. 

Rodger: Hey! Thats no way to talk to a paying customer, especially a fine young woman such as this one! How would you like it if you couldnt decide what to get, and some bitch of a barista told you to hurry up? 

Barista: But you just told her. 

Rodger: Hey lady, it dosnt matter what i told her. (beat) Now miss, you go along, and order. Take as long as you like. 

Courtney (giggling): Thanks. (beat) Ill have a mocha with a chocolate crescent, please. 

Barista: Coming right up. 

[The Barista goes and prepares the order.]

Rodger: So, if you dont mind me asking. What are you doing at a coffee shop on a Sunday at 3:00? 

Courtney: Well, if you must know i just wanted some pastry. The coffee i really dont need at this hour, what about you? 

Rodger: I came for the cheesecake. 

[The Barista comes back with Courtneys order] 

Barista: Here you go, love, one Mocha, and one Chocolate Crescent. (beat) Thatll be 10.75 for the whole lot. 

[The Barista gives the order to Courtney who takes it] 

Courtney: Wait, but i wasnt expecting. 

Rodger: Dont worry about it, i got it. 

Courtney: Really? 

Rodger: Sure. Why not. I was rude to you, consider it an apology. 

Courtney: You really dont have to do this. How can i ever repay you for your kindness? 

Rodger: Join me for coffee? 

Courtney: Sure. 

Rodger: Ill have just the cheesecake please. 

Barista: Right away sir. 

[Barista goes to prepare the order] 

Courtney: My name is Courtney. 


[The barista turns around to face Rodger] 

Barista: Sir, you dont have to shou-

Courtney: He can shout at whoever he wants! 

Rodger: Yeah! 

Barista: I give up! Im going to get your order! 


[Courtney and Rodger laugh] 

Rodger: That. Was. Awesome. 

Courtney: Yeah? 

[The Barista comes back with the cheesecake] 

Barista: Here you go. One cheesecake. 

[She hands him the cheesecake] 

Thatll be 15.77 

[Rodger rolls his eyes, and pulls out his wallet] 

Rodger sarcastically): Robbers. 

[Rodger fumbles for his card, pulls it out, and hands it to her.] 

Rodger: Why dont you pick somewhere to sit, love? 

Courtney: Sure. 

[She picks a seat, and points at it] 

How about here? 

Rodger: Sure wherever you want. 

[The barista gives Rodger back his card, he puts it back in his wallet, and goes to sit with Courtney. Rodger and Courtney sit down, and begin eating.] 

Courtney: So what brought you here today? 

Rodger: I came for the art festival. 

Courtney: Art festival? I didnt even know there was an art festival going on. 

Rodger: Yeah, yeah on eighth street. 

Courtney: So just a tourist then? 

Rodger: Well, actually, funnily enough (beat) No, im a musician. 

Courtney: What? 

Rodger: Yeah, im a pianist. 

Courtney: Oh. 

Rodger: Yeah, the mayor called me up. The mayor is a friend of my Uncle Harrys. Uncle Harry owns some fancy factory for textiles overseas in China. He has a home in the US though, and  is a US citizen. Uncle Harry is apart of the rich society in town. My Uncle paid for the home i live in. Actually, its his home, i just rent a room in it. (beat) anyways, the mayor knew i was looking for work, so he hired me to play at this pathetic art festival. 

Courtney: Well, thats good exposure at least. 

Rodger: Yeah, sure. 

Courtney: Whats the art like? 

Rodger: All kinds of stuff. Pop art, weird naked sculptures, oils, pastels, all kinds of stuff. (beat) Lots of fruit bowls. (beat) Why do artists like to draw fruit so much? 

Courtney: No idea. 

Rodger: So what about you then? Do you live in this town? Are you a tourist? 

Courtney: No, i work for the local newspaper, and i take classes at the college. 

Rodger: So do i. 

Courtney: No shit! 

Rodger: Yeah Saint. James, right? 

Courtney: Yes! 

Rodger: Im in the music department. 

Courtney: Oh! Well im in journalism. 

Rodger: Figured. (beat) What do you write about? 

Courtney: All kinds of things. Most of the stories i get are pretty small though. (beat) To be honest, i thought being a journalist would be more exciting than this. 

Rodger: Really? 

Courtney: Well, i always pictured it was like being in one of those crime shows. You know? Where the reporter is sitting at the crime scene taking note of every detail? 

Rodger: No way! 

Courtney: Yes way! 

Rodger: Are you sorry now that you have met me? 

Courtney: What? No! I am actually enjoying this conversation. Why would you even say that?

Rodger: Because most girls do NOT go for the musician types. They know very well to stay far away. 

Courtney: Really? I find you fascinating. 

Rodger: Then would you fancy a proper date? 

Courtney: Of course. 

[She finishes eating.] 

Here, you can have my number. 

[She gets up, and writes her number on his arm] 

Rodger: Wow! 

Courtney: Youll call, wont you? 

Rodger: You bet i will! 

Courtney: Alright, well i have to go. 

Rodger: It was a pleasure. 

Courtney: No, the pleasure was all mine! 


[She leaves] 

End scene blackout 

The End

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