Part Two: Scene TwelveMature

SCENE 12 – INT Jasmine’s House

(Image flashes to midst of the party – loud, modern music is playing and people are dancing, chatting and drinking. CALLUM is watching JASMINE talking to some of her friends. She spots him and waves. He smiles back. CALLUM gets his phone out of his pocket and dials a number his phone doesn’t know.)

LINDA (on the phone): Hello? (pause) Hello? (pause) Who is this?

(CALLUM hangs up and replaces his phone in his pocket. He spends a second in thoughtful silence – the music in the room becoming a background noise for just a second or two. Then JASMINE appears in his field of vision.)

JASMINE: Who was that?


JASMINE: On the phone. Who?

CALLUM: Wrong number.

JASMINE: Ah well. Fancy a dance?

CALLUM: Not my thing.

JASMINE: What is wrong with you Callum? You haven’t been acting like you.

CALLUM: Amnesia.

JASMINE: That affects memory not personality.

CALLUM: You couldn’t even say it earlier on.

JASMINE: I asked Millie over there about it. She said that you should at least act similar in some ways. Like not being repulsed every time I go to kiss you.

CALLUM: I’m sorry.

JASMINE: That’s not good enough. I want a proper answer.

CALLUM: I don’t like you. That good enough?


CALLUM: I have never liked you. I did a little bit earlier on but not anymore.

JASMINE: Are you breaking up with me on my birthday?


JASMINE: Get out.

CALLUM: I’m going.

(CALLUM leaves the house, looking back to JASMINE only once.)

CALLUM (VO): This new life was rubbish and I seemed stuck. I didn’t want to be there anymore. I didn’t want to be me. Not this me at least. And as I sat on the rather large doorsteps of her house, the whole world sifted through my head again. I squeezed my eyes shut from the pain. And when I woke up again, everything had changed again. Changed back. But I learned something horrible. As I had been in the other world, the me who should have been there had decided to live my life. The horrible person whose life I had fallen into, had taken over my life. Things were never going to be the same again.



The End

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