Part Two: Scene ElevenMature

SCENE 11 – INT Jasmine’s Room

(Image flashes to JASMINE’s room. It is a girly girl’s bedroom with lavish furnishings. JASMINE enters first and sits on the bed before beckoning him to join her. CALLUM sits beside her and she leans over to kiss him. They kiss once before CALLUM backs away.)

JASMINE: What’s up babe?

CALLUM: I’m not in the mood. You know.

JASMINE: You don’t normally suffer from nerves babe. Something wrong?

CALLUM: Nerves?

JASMINE: You know.

CALLUM: Right. Anyway, people will be here in a minute.

JASMINE: That’s usually a good thing isn’t it?

CALLUM: For a party yes.

JASMINE: No! I thought you liked that. The risk.

CALLUM: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

JASMINE: Oh yeah. Amnsea. No. Anisme. No. Namsia.

CALLUM: Amnesia.

JASMINE: Yeah that. So I’ll have to remind you.

(JASMINE goes in to kiss him again, suggesting more, but CALLUM moves away and gets up.)

CALLUM: Was that the doorbell?

JASMINE: I didn’t hear anything.

CALLUM: Oh. Well I could do with a drink at least.

(CALLUM leaves JASMINE on the bed.)

The End

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