Part Two: Scene TenMature

SCENE 10 – INT Jasmine’s House

(Image flashes to the outside of a large house then inside – JASMINE’s party is about to start.)

JASMINE: Why is it not ready yet?

JASMINE’S MOTHER: Sorry darling but we simply haven’t had time.

JASMINE: Not good enough.

JASMINE’S MOTHER: Don’t talk to me like that! We have done so much for you today!

JASMINE: But not enough!

(CALLUM enters, holding his present.)

JASMINE: (to JASMINE’S MOTHER) We’ll finish this later. (to CALLUM) Hey babe! Great to see you!

(JASMINE goes to kiss CALLUM but he turns his head and so she kisses him on the cheek.)

CALLUM: Good to see you too. I got you this.

JASMINE: Wow. Thanks!

(JASMINE opens it quickly and lifts out the necklace.)

CALLUM: I hope you like it.

JASMINE (putting it on): I love it! Best present yet!

CALLUM: Thanks.

JASMINE: Well only one.

CALLUM: What? No-one else got you anything? I suppose it is early.

JASMINE: No. From you.

CALLUM: I don’t understand.

JASMINE: You’ve never got me anything before Cal.

CALLUM: I’m sorry Jasmine.

JASMINE: But I think you’ve more than made up for it with this!

CALLUM: You look really nice tonight.

JASMINE: Even you don’t look too bad!

CALLUM: I never really noticed how beautiful you are until now.

JASMINE: Umm… Is that a compliment?

CALLUM: Yes Jasmine it is.

JASMINE: Thank you Cal. You know we’ve got some time…

CALLUM: Need any help with anything?

JASMINE: That’s what Mum’s here for.

CALLUM: Right. So…

JASMINE: Upstairs?


(CALLUM follows JASMINE up the stairs.)

JASMINE: You know the way silly!

(CALLUM cautiously walks down the corridor)

The End

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