Part Two: Scene SevenMature

SCENE 7 – EXT Street

(Image flashes to high street of a large city. The street is busy with lots of shop fronts that attract the attention of passers-by. There are a couple of cafés with outdoor seating – CALLUM is sat at one of these with a cup of coffee. He is watching people walking past. WILL arrives and sits next to him and smiles.)

CALLUM: I cannot thank you enough. So we don’t have a lot of time but we have to come up with something good.

WILL: Hello to you too. So, how much do you want to spend?

CALLUM: Enough.

WILL: Specific.

CALLUM: Well however much a boyfriend would spend on this type of thing.

WILL (smiling): That depends on what kind of boyfriend you are.

CALLUM: Well money isn’t really a concern. I have plenty. Just don’t want to overspend.

WILL: Right.

CALLUM: My bank account is full of money somehow. Probably my parents.

WILL: Stop bragging – it isn’t sexy.

CALLUM: Please tell me that you are not under the misapprehension that this is a date.

WILL: Just a joke! So, any ideas?

CALLUM: I had one: call you.

WILL: That was a good one. But seriously – nothing else?

CALLUM: It’s your turn. Besides, ideas are what I’m paying you for!

WILL: Are you paying me?

CALLUM: Yeah fine. You can be my personal shopper for the day. What shall we say? £50?

WILL: Deal.

CALLUM: And I’ll pay you for anything else. Food, drink and the like.

WILL: So it is a date. I’m your date.


WILL: Just another joke! So, where to start? How well do you know her?

CALLUM: Quite well. Apparently.

WILL: Well enough to buy her say, underwear?

CALLUM: Yes but.

WILL: But what?

CALLUM: You want me to buy her a bra?

WILL: The whole matching set.

CALLUM: No more jokes yeah?

WILL: Why not though?

CALLUM: Just no! I’m not comfortable with that.

WILL: Why?

CALLUM: I don’t actually know her!

WILL: Oh yeah. That whole different you thing. Surely you’d remember that!


WILL: So you two…?


WILL: You know!

CALLUM: Not that I know of.

WILL: Ok then. That’s a very bad idea.

CALLUM: So a good idea?

WILL: You’re very demanding!

CALLUM: Complaining?

WILL: Just a little.

CALLUM: You’re still here though.

WILL (winks): Fair point. So jewellery?

CALLUM: That’s a much better bet. Come on. Lead the way!

(CALLUM quickly finishes his coffee and they get up and walk off.)

The End

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