Part Two: Scene SixMature

SCENE 6 – EXT Hospital

(CALLUM types on his phone.)

CALLUM (into phone): Will? (pause) Yes it is Callum. (pause) I’ll explain everything. Can we meet up? (pause) No! I’m not asking you out on a date Will! I just want to talk to you. Besides, you have a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend. Damn. I need to get my girlfriend a birthday present. Could you help me pick something? (pause) Thanks! See you in an hour or so? (pause) Great. Bye.

(CALLUM puts his phone away and breathes out, putting a hand to his forehead, running his fingers through his hair. He sits down on a nearby bench. ERIC is pacing up and down.)

ERIC (into phone): Well what can you do? (pause) You are truly useless sometimes! My wife needs help. Urgently. So come and help.

(ERIC hangs up the phone and raises it, as if he is about to smash it on the floor.)

CALLUM: Tough day?

(ERIC places his phone in his pocket and nods before sitting with CALLUM.)

ERIC: My wife was hit by a bus this morning. The driver was speeding. He went through a red light. Hit my Sarah and another four people. Three fatalities. That man killed three people and he got away with just a couple of scratches.

CALLUM: No justice.

ERIC: She’s in a coma. And what the hell can I do? No-one can do anything. We’re all just hoping for the best.

CALLUM: I know what you’re going through. My brother. Pretty much the same.

ERIC: What can I do? She’s all that keeps me going. That woman is my life.

CALLUM: You have to believe that everything will be alright in the end. It’s the only way to stay sane.

ERIC (depressed): I’ve seen them. The way they look. Body language. Plus there’s their tone of voice. It’s not good. They all think she’s fighting a losing battle.

CALLUM: What do you think?

ERIC: What does that matter? I’m no medic.

CALLUM (sternly): Just tell me.

ERIC (hesitantly): I think she’ll be fine.


ERIC: She has to be. I need her to be.

CALLUM: Then don’t give up. For her sake. She needs you to stay strong. Otherwise who else will protect her?

ERIC: Who are you?

CALLUM: My name is Callum White.

ERIC (angrily): Who are you, Callum White, to talk to me like that? Who do you think you are?

CALLUM: One of the few people on the planet who knows what you’re going through. And just the other day I went through all of that. I was upset. Then angry. I felt helpless. But then I realised that my feelings aren’t important. That person who is currently in a hospital bed hooked up to a life support machine is. Now you asked whoever it was on the other end of your phone for help for your wife. I thought I’d help. Give you some advice. Some advice that I would have loved. I’ll give you one last piece. Next time someone does the right thing, don’t bite their head off yeah? And I’m sorry for your wife.

(CALLUM gets up and starts to walk off.)

ERIC: Thank you Callum.

(CALLUM turns.)

CALLUM: I hope everything does sort itself out for the best. I’m not sure I want it to for your sake though.

ERIC: I’m sorry about your brother.

CALLUM: Join the club.

ERIC: You’re a very good person.

CALLUM: You know, I don’t actually know if they actually exist anymore.

(CALLUM walks away. ERIC remains sat down for a few seconds, watching CALLUM leave, before getting up and going back into the hospital.)

The End

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