Part Two: Scene ThreeMature

SCENE 3 – INT Corridor

(CALLUM moves from standing in the doorway and leaves the room.)

MITCH: Was he flirting with you?

(Image moves out into the corridor.)

CALLUM: Jasmine?

JASMINE: Yeah babe?

CALLUM: Seriously?

CALLUM (VO): So my life was a little bit different. Ok. A lot different. Not only had I lost Will as a friend but he’s gay. I don’t mind – I’d support him but he doesn’t know me anymore – but it means that I never really knew him properly. And now I don’t even have Beth to talk to. And to make matters even worse, I’m dating Jasmine. Oh god help me.

JASMINE: Seriously what?

CALLUM: Oh nothing.

JASMINE: You can tell me anything!

CALLUM: Oh. You just surprised me. That’s all.

JASMINE: Well you’re always doing that to me!

CALLUM (absent-mindedly): Sorry.

JASMINE: Anyway – I need to talk to you.

CALLUM: What about?

JASMINE: Last night and tomorrow night.

CALLUM: Care to elaborate?

JASMINE: Why didn’t you call me last night? This is the fifth night on the trot Callum. You better have a pretty good reason.

CALLUM: My brother was attacked so I spent the night with him in hospital.

JASMINE: Oh. That is a good reason. I’m sorry.

CALLUM: Don’t be. You weren’t to know.

JASMINE (hugging him): You should have called me.

CALLUM (subtly pushing her away): And tomorrow night?

JASMINE: Oh yeah. Party. Mine. Yes?


JASMINE: I’m having a party at mine.

CALLUM: That’s nice.

JASMINE: And you’re coming.


JASMINE: You better be!

CALLUM: I’m pretending I understand why.

JASMINE: My birthday.

CALLUM: Happy birthday.

JASMINE: It’s tomorrow.

CALLUM: For tomorrow then.

JASMINE: But you’ll be there.

CALLUM: Oh right. When?

JASMINE: Tomorrow. You really don’t listen to a word I say do you?

CALLUM: No. When tomorrow? What time?

JASMINE: Oh. Whenever.

CALLUM: That’s specific.

JASMINE: Well everyone else is setting there for about 7 o’clock but you should get there a bit earlier.

CALLUM: Any reason why?

JASMINE: You know why.

CALLUM: To help you set up?


CALLUM: Oh well. I’ll see you at like 6? Half-past?

JASMINE: Sounds good. Hey babe – is something the matter?

CALLUM: What do you mean Jasmine?

JASMINE: You don’t seem yourself today. And you never call me Jasmine.

CALLUM: What do I call you then? I’ve never really noticed.

JASMINE: Jazz mainly. Or babe. Stuff like that.

CALLUM (sarcastically): Minnie?

JASMINE: Only once and we promised not to talk about that.


JASMINE: How come you don’t remember?

CALLUM: Temporary amnesia…?

JASMINE: Really?

CALLUM: Yeah. It’s a real problem.

JASMINE: So see you later then?

CALLUM: Assuming I remember!

JASMINE (laughs): See you babe!

CALLUM (VO): So another problem arose. What to do about her and her party. What to get her? More importantly, where does she even live? I just knew that I needed to find a constant. Something that wouldn’t have changed. But what?

CALLUM: Go home.

(CALLUM bumps into TEACHER.)


CALLUM: No it was my fault. Sorry.

TEACHER: It’s ok.

CALLUM (VO): And in that second, I made a big decision.

CALLUM: Actually, can I talk to you about something?

TEACHER: I’m in a little bit of a rush actually.

CALLUM: It’ll only take a second.


CALLUM: Could I take a couple of extra exams? Do stuff I didn’t do first time around.

TEACHER: I don’t see why not but you’d have a lot of catching up to do.

CALLUM: Not a problem.

TEACHER: Then I’ll need your parents to come in and sort out the paperwork with me.

CALLUM: Will do.

The End

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