Part Two: Scene TwoMature

SCENE 2 – INT Classroom

(Image flashes to empty classroom with only CALLUM in, reading through a notebook. WILL enters.)

CALLUM: Morning Will.

WILL (looking bewildered): Morning Callum.

CALLUM: What’s up?

WILL: Nothing. It’s just that we don’t talk. Like ever. Just took me back.

CALLUM: Nice joke. Beth suggest it since I’ve been blanking her?

WILL: I don’t know Bethany and as far as I’m aware, neither do you.

CALLUM: Ok. I’m really not in the mood for this. George is in hospital.

WILL: I’m sorry but I really don’t know you. Have you had a lot to drink or something?

CALLUM: Don’t really touch the stuff.

WILL: I don’t buy that. I’ve seen you wandering around when you’re not fully there.

CALLUM: So what are you saying? I’m not who I think I am?

WILL: Well you definitely aren’t acting it.

(FRED enters.)

FRED: Callum! Heard about the bro – not good. Send him our love.

CALLUM: Oh. Right. Will do.

(FRED exits.)

CALLUM: I don’t know him.

WILL: Yeah you do. You two must be best friends or something.

CALLUM: We aren’t best friends.

WILL: Well whatever you want to call it then.

CALLUM: No. I mean we aren’t even friends at all.

WILL: Well you seemed quite friendly with him the other day.

CALLUM: I can’t even tell you his name.

WILL: I think its Frederick but everyone calls him.


WILL: So you do know him!

CALLUM: Funny.

WILL: You’re telling the truth aren’t you? You honestly don’t know who he is do you?


WILL: And you aren’t just winding me up? Well, you don’t seem to know yourself do you?

CALLUM: No. Do you know me?

WILL: Vaguely.

CALLUM: Would you help me out?

WILL: Well your name is Callum.

CALLUM: That much I do know Will.

WILL: Wait. How do you know me?

CALLUM: You’re my friend. My best friend. Not that Fred bloke.

WILL: You’re one of the sportiest people I know. Definitely the sportiest in the school, especially when it comes to football.

CALLUM: Seriously?

WILL: Seriously.


WILL: I think I overheard you say that you’d been scouted the other day. Whatever that means.

CALLUM: You got me. I’m none the wiser.

WILL: I don’t know exactly what you study but we don’t overlap at any point.

CALLUM: Not any languages then?

WILL: I don’t but I don’t think you do.

CALLUM: But I’m practically fluent!

WILL: Hey! Don’t get angry with me! It’s not my fault. Now you got any more questions?

CALLUM: You got somewhere to be then?

WILL: No it’s just that I probably shouldn’t be talking to you.

CALLUM: Why not?

MITCH: This is the point where you say that your psycho boyfriend doesn’t like you talking to hot guys.

WILL: That wasn’t what I was going to say actually babe! I was going to say… It doesn’t matter.

CALLUM: Thanks for the compliment by the way.

MITCH: I didn’t know you two were friends.

WILL: We’re not really.

CALLUM: Just one thing: relationship status?

WILL: In one.


WILL: Behind you.

The End

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