Part Two: Scene OneMature

SCENE 1 – INT Hospital

(CALLUM in the hospital room with GEORGE, who is in bed. CALLUM is sat down in the chair, asleep. He suddenly wakes, covered in tears and sweat.)

CALLUM: Bad dream.

(CALLUM looks to GEORGE.)

CALLUM: Bad day. But I suppose at least I’m not the worst off.

(DOCTOR enters.)

DOCTOR: I hope I’m not interrupting or anything.

CALLUM: No it’s ok.

DOCTOR: He’s very strong, your brother.

CALLUM: What are his chances?


CALLUM: For surviving. Getting out of this coma.

DOCTOR: Pretty good.

CALLUM: Honestly?

DOCTOR (hesitantly): Yes. But it’s not an exact science. We can’t give you anything terribly specific I’m afraid. Just an optimistic, general comment.

CALLUM: Better than nothing I suppose.

DOCTOR: I’ll leave you to it. Just give me a shout if anything happens.

CALLUM: Should it?

DOCTOR: No. But I thought that maybe you might want to talk.

CALLUM: I’m fine thanks. Just one question – what’s the time?

DOCTOR: Quarter to four.

CALLUM: You’re working late. Or early. Your choice.

DOCTOR: Can’t sleep.

CALLUM: Well if you want someone to talk to, find someone who is awake.

(DOCTOR laughs before leaving.)

The End

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