Part One: Scene FifteenMature

SCENE 15 – EXT Football Pitch

(Image flashes to football pitch. GEORGE is playing while MUM, DAD and CALLUM are cheering from the sidelines. GEORGE scores, meaning that his team wins. All are happy. CALLUM begins to make his way to GEORGE. NEVILLE, a boy from the opposing team, taps GEORGE on the shoulder and as he turns, he is hit in the face. NEVILLE then proceeds to brutally punch GEORGE until he is on the floor and then goes to kick him. CALLUM is horrified and begins to pick up pace. MUM and DAD are also horrified; DAD follows CALLUM. REFEREE pulls NEVILLE away and he is restrained by numerous adults. CALLUM is running with tears in his eyes. He sits with his brother and holds him.)


The End

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