Part One: Scene FourteenMature

SCENE 14 – INT House

MUM: Good day?

DAD: You’re early back.

CALLUM: So are you. Just your average day. Nothing terribly new.

MUM: Got to pick George up. Won’t be long.

DAD: You’re coming to see George’s big day aren’t you?

CALLUM: Wouldn’t miss it!

DAD: Why did you never take an interest in sport?

CALLUM: Not my thing. I’m more academic than energetic.

DAD: Are you saying that George is stupid?


DAD: What about me? I followed sport. I could have been a professional. I bet you’d have respected it then.

CALLUM: Don’t start this again.

DAD: I could have done. And I’d have made a lot more money.

CALLUM: So tell me Dad. Why didn’t it work out?

DAD: My leg.

CALLUM: Of course. The leg that has been fine for as long as I’ve been alive. Never had any trouble from it. Want to know what I think? You got scared. That’s why. I don’t doubt your talent – I’ve seen you practising with George. I doubt your nerve.

DAD: No.

CALLUM: As much as I’d like to argue more, I have work to do.

CALLUM (VO) And so the big day came. Tensions were still high. Everyone was nervous and a little bit afraid. Based on what happened, the emotions were apt. Everything was about to change. Not just in this life either.

The End

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