Part One: Scene ThirteenMature

SCENE 13 EXT. Callum’s House

MIRANDA: Good day?

CALLUM: The usual. Yours? I’m guessing short at least.

MIRANDA: You are clever aren’t you!

CALLUM: I’d say observant but go on.

MIRANDA: Not a lot to do today. Same track over and over.

CALLUM: Music or running?


CALLUM: What kind of track? I know it makes practically no difference to your metaphor but it’s the little things that mean something.

MIRANDA: What is the difference?

CALLUM: Running is where it’s boring from day one and you just get tired as you go on. Music starts off good and you’re hooked but after a while you know it off by heart and can repeat it without even thinking about it.


CALLUM: I think too much. Miranda, I need to talk to you.



MIRANDA: Music track. What about Cal?

CALLUM: Me and you.

MIRANDA: I’m assuming it’s still a no. So why are you bringing it up?

CALLUM: Closure. I’m trying to help. I’ve got a girlfriend.

MIRANDA: Right. Am I supposed to congratulate you?

CALLUM: That’s not the point.

MIRANDA: Then why?

CALLUM: Because I know you. I’ve known you for long enough to know that every time you ask me, you think I’ll say yes. You hope with all of your heart and I don’t want to hurt you anymore. I’m doing the right thing. I’m freeing you.

MIRANDA: You’re freeing me from you? Isn’t that a bit self-centred? The world doesn’t revolve around you Cal! I don’t think it’s me that needs to get over you – you do!

CALLUM: This was a mistake.

The End

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