Part One: Scene ElevenMature

SCENE 11 – EXT Car Park

HARRY: I think she went.

CALLUM: Everyone knows don’t they?

HARRY: No Bethany only told a few people.

CALLUM: Somehow, I don’t believe you.

HARRY: I wouldn’t.

CALLUM: Tell them I’m going.

HARRY: After her?

CALLUM: Just home. I’m done for the day.

HARRY: Fine. Good luck for next weekend.

CALLUM (under his breath): I’m going to kill her.

CALLUM (VO): Luckily no damage was done. Instead it did some good. We were an item. Officially. So I didn’t have to kill Beth. But I hadn’t got out of going to the match. I suppose I was destined to go. My future depended on it. But I was going to see one more person before I got home.

The End

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