Part One: Scene NineMature

SCENE 9 – INT Classroom

WILL: Yeah you’re pretty but is there anything else?

JASMINE: What are you saying?

MITCH: He’s calling you stupid. I don’t think you’re helping your case either.

JASMINE: So what are you saying Mitch?

WILL: I think he’s telling you that you’re acting stupid now.

JASMINE: I’m smarter than you William.

WILL: It’s Will. Only my grandparents call me William. And in response to your other comment – ha.

MITCH: Don’t do this Jasmine.

CALLUM: Break it up you lot! Is it that hard to get along? I doubt it. You don’t see anyone else struggling to manage it do you? No. So put the sexual tension away and shut up. Thanks.

WILL: Bad morning?

CALLUM: No. I’m just not happy about you ruining my afternoon.

WILL: And the sexual tension remark?

CALLUM: Between you and Mitch.

WILL: What?

CALLUM: I’ve been watching for a while and I know you well.

WILL: But!

CALLUM: Oh I know. You aren’t. But he is and you don’t help matters.

WILL: Oh well. So why such a good morning?

CALLUM: Been out. Had some peace and quiet.

WILL: And the date with Linda?

CALLUM: Oh let me guess. You saw us leave?

WILL: Nope.

CALLUM: Saw us together?

WILL: Nope.

CALLUM: Overheard her talking about it?

WILL: She’s been as quiet as you on the matter.

CALLUM: Then what?

WILL: I was nosy. I saw a text she was sending to, presumably her friend, about it.

CALLUM: I’m sure that crosses boundaries.

WILL: And not telling me doesn’t?

CALLUM: I trust you. It’s just that it’s not really official yet and I don’t want to spook her.

WILL: I shouldn’t have told Beth then?

CALLUM: I hate you sometimes.

WILL: I love you too!

(CALLUM leaves.)

The End

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