Part One: Scene EightMature

SCENE 8 INT. School Hall

CALLUM (VO): Her name is Linda. That one there. She’s not that popular in the grand scheme of things. She may not be the smartest girl but she’s pretty close. And I like her. She’s nice. Pretty. All the usual stuff. The only problem is that we don’t operate in the same circles. We never see each other. So I had to orchestrate the moment.

(Image flashes to hall filled with students, with CALLUM and LINDA standing at the front with a number of others.)

LINDA: In my position on the school council, I intend to make this school better. Our main priority is saving energy – making the world better – that kind of thing.

CALLUM: That’s where you come in. We’re asking for your help so that we can make a difference. Hey! We’re hardly asking for much!

(Hall empties.)

CALLUM: So Linda, think it went well?

LINDA: No. None of them will bother. And who can blame them? We need a better presentation and incentives. You have first off right?

CALLUM: Umm… Yeah. How do you know that?

LINDA: So we can do it then.

CALLUM: There’s actually something I wanted to ask first.

LINDA: If it’s not about this, it can wait.


LINDA: We’re running out of time. Stop wasting it.

CALLUM: We have over an hour, Linda.

LINDA: It’ll take a while.

CALLUM: Fine. Use my laptop – make a presentation on that. Oh and don’t forget the music and flashing icons. That always works.

LINDA: Got my own thanks.

CALLUM: But there’s a template already made on mine. Save time.

LINDA: Impressive. And how to ensure long term loyalty to the cause?

CALLUM: Competitions with prizes. Free dress days with a green theme. Get them to put forward suggestions – people love to get involved.

LINDA: Problem solved. Wait, this presentation isn’t a template. It’s already been finished Callum.

CALLUM: Oh yeah. Got bored on the bus and so I did it. That’s alright isn’t it?

LINDA: Well organised. I’m liking you more and more.

CALLUM: Well that was kinda what I was hoping for. So, back to what I wanted to talk to you about.

LINDA: What do you mean?

CALLUM: Fancy going out for a coffee with me?

LINDA: Sorry but I don’t drink coffee.

CALLUM: Any reason?

LINDA: Don’t like it.


LINDA: Not that either.

CALLUM: Any hot beverage? Hot chocolate?

LINDA: Not my thing I’m afraid.

CALLUM: Oh –we’ll talk about that another time. Any form of liquid?

LINDA: Sounds good.

CALLUM: So, when are you free?

LINDA: Well, now.


LINDA: What?

CALLUM: Nothing.

CALLUM (VO): Turns out Linda wasn’t the type to go on dates. She was less experienced than me which says quite a lot. I was hoping that we could have gone out over the weekend – I wanted to miss the match – I really didn’t want to be there when George told Dad the big secret at the end.

CALLUM: So that was fun.

LINDA: You know, that was. It’s not often that I go out into town. I don’t know it that well.

CALLUM: So you haven’t been in the area for long?

LINDA: Nah! It’s just that I don’t go out much. It’s a lot easier and cheaper getting stuff on the net.

CALLUM: But you miss out on the experience!

LINDA: Money and time.

CALLUM: That’s not everything.

LINDA: If you have money to waste, then you have money to spare and if you have money to spare, I’ll take it off your hands.

CALLUM: Maybe you’ll accompany me as I waste more money another time. Say next weekend. Or this one.

LINDA: Are you asking me out twice on the same day?

CALLUM: Well yeah. I suppose I am.



LINDA: Nothing. But I can’t this weekend. I’ve got work. The weekend after though?

CALLUM: Yeah sounds good. Fancy seeing a film or would you rather wait til its out on DVD and you can order it online?

LINDA: I think this time I’ll go for the experience. Plus we can talk about the hot drinks thing too.

(Bell rings.)

CALLUM: Well thanks for a great morning.

LINDA: And have a good afternoon.

CALLUM (VO): So I was having a pretty good day, regardless of the fact that we didn’t even get a parting hug but we were going strong. Beth was also giving out gossip for a change and Will was in a good mood so everything was going well. That’s when it hit me. I was building up. Something was going to knock me down.

The End

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