Part One: Scene SevenMature

SCENE 7 – EXT Bus Stop

CALLUM (VO): George is the favourite son. He’s the sporty one. He’s smart too don’t get me wrong but Dad always wanted to be a pro footballer so George is following Dad’s dream for him. Sort of.

CALLUM: Ready for the big game tomorrow?

GEORGE: You know all this Callum.

CALLUM: I know but I’m trying to play along.

GEORGE: I’m sick of lying to Dad.

CALLUM: The truth would break his heart.

GEORGE: I’d rather not talk about it. I’ll figure something out.

CALLUM: You sure?

GEORGE: Positive. And don’t go telling him! It should come from me.

CALLUM: I know that. Don’t worry – your secret’s safe with me.

CALLUM (VO): So that’s pretty much everyone. Just one more person left in my life. This life anyway.

The End

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