Part One: Scene SixMature

SCENE 6 – INT Home

(Image flashes to the front of a typical suburban house with a small garden.)

CALLUM (VO): There are also my parents.

(Image moves into the house and into the kitchen.)

MUM: Have you eaten?


MUM: Money for lunch?


MUM: Good. You’re all set.

DAD: Late for the bus?

GEORGE: Almost! See you at the bus stop Cal?

CALLUM: Give me 5 secs.

(Image focuses on MUM and DAD as CALLUM talks about them.)

CALLUM (VO): Mum doesn’t work anymore but she used to teach at the local junior school – she stopped to raise me luckily. Dad’s a banker so he’s the bread-winner of the family. He isn’t always around though – he is away at conferences and stuff all the time.

The End

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